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  • ✍🏻 Solving exams: Upload a photo of your exam and get the answers explained
  • πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Doing homework: Prepare for your exams by solving your homework
  • πŸ“š Creating outlines: Mind maps to optimize your study
  • πŸ€– Talk to AI Tutors: Chat with specialized teachers.
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Solving Exams with a photo

Video Demo of AI to solve questions

Solve homework and create outlines of the topics to memorise them much faster

Math exam

math exam example

Primary school teacher competition syllabus, topics 1 and 2

outline of the primary school teacher competitive examination syllabus

Entrance examination for the degree in medicine

Entrance examination for the degree in medicine solved

Specialised AI Tutors

Interact with AI tutors who specialise in a range of subjects for in-depth understanding and personalised assistance in your your studies.

πŸ‘€ Train the tutor with your PDF documents

Sometimes the tutor might not have knowledge of the subject. In such cases, you can train your tutor with your PDF document to answer all your questions.

AI tutors

Create your summaries

AI summaries

Highlight your texts

Text highlighter
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Photo solve ai

PhotoExam offers specialised and adapted tools for different user groups, from students to different user groups, from students to teachers, guaranteeing an effective and personalised learning and teaching experience.

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"Photoexam has been a revelation for my studies. The speed and The speed and accuracy of the platform are unparalleled. a must for any student!"

Anna B.


"Thanks to Photoexam, I have been able to understand complex topics with ease. easily. Its user-friendly interface and fast support have saved me a lot of time. a lot of time."

Marco C.


"Using Photoexam to prepare for my exams has been the best decision. decision. The accuracy and support is exceptional. Totally recommended."

lucy G.


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  • βœ” Solve unlimited tests, homeworks and exercises
  • βœ” AI basic level
  • βœ” Chat with AI tutors
  • βœ” Train the AI ​​Tutor to talk to your PDFs
  • βœ” Summarize texts
  • βœ” Highlight documents
  • βœ” Full exam history
  • Improved AI Tutors
  • AI medium level
  • Conceptual schema creator with AI
  • Faster processing speed
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21$ / month
  • βœ” Solve unlimited tests, homeworks and exercises
  • βœ” AI medium level: more trained than the basic one and with better results.
  • βœ” Summarize texts
  • βœ” Highlight documents
  • βœ” Full exam history
  • βœ” Chats with the Improved AI Tutors
  • βœ” Train the Improved AI Tutor to talk to your PDFs
  • βœ” Faster processing speed
  • βœ” Conceptual schema creator with AI
  • AI advanced level
  • Improved recognition of graphs, formulas and drawings
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42$ / month
  • βœ” Solve unlimited tests, homeworks and exercises
  • βœ” AI advanced level: The most advanced AI on the market and with better results than the average and basic AI.
  • βœ” Summarize texts
  • βœ” Highlight documents
  • βœ” Full exam history
  • βœ” Chat with Enhanced AI Tutors
  • βœ” Train the Enhanced AI Tutor to talk to your PDFs
  • βœ” Faster processing speed
  • βœ” Conceptual schema creator with AI
  • βœ” Improved recognition of graphs, formulas and drawings
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Preguntas Frecuentes (FAQ)

What is PhotoExam?

PhotoExam is a platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help students solve exams and assignments. By simply uploading a photo of your exam, our AI provides fast and accurate responses.

How does PhotoExam work?

To use PhotoExam, you only need to take a clear photo of your exam or assignment and upload it to our platform. Our AI will analyze the image and provide you with the answers to the questions raised.

What kind of exams can I solve with PhotoExam?

You can solve a variety of exams and assignments, including multiple-choice questions, essay questions, and fill-in-the-blanks. The platform is versatile and can handle different question formats.

Is PhotoExam multilingual?

Yes, PhotoExam currently supports all languages.

How does PhotoExam ensure the confidentiality and security of my data?

The security and privacy of your data are our highest priority. We use advanced security measures to protect your personal information and ensure that your academic data is handled confidentially.

Is there any cost associated with using PhotoExam?

PhotoExam does not offer a free trial; you can opt for one of our premium plans to continue enjoying the platform's services.

What additional benefits does the premium subscription offer?

With the premium subscription, you gain access to a more advanced AI with more accurate answers, enhanced image recognition, priority support, and additional tools for more effective learning.

Can I try PhotoExam before subscribing?

No, currently you must opt for a premium subscription.

On what devices can I use PhotoExam?

PhotoExam is accessible from any device with internet access. You can use it on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Where can I get more information or assistance?

For more information or assistance, you can contact us via our email: You can also follow us on our social media to stay up to date with the latest updates and news.

How is it used?

πŸ“Έ Upload photos of exams or assignments and get advanced answers with AI.

πŸ–ΌοΈ Use images or screenshots of PDFs for easy uploading.

πŸ“± Ensures the quality of mobile photos for better recognition.

❗ Review and edit the "Recognised Text" for more precision.

Need help solving an exam?

Don't worry! Our artificial intelligence (AI) tool for solving questions will give you clear and precise answers. Just take a photo of the exam with your phone, and we'll take care of the rest.

The best AI for answering questions and doing homework:

  • Solve all kinds of exams and tasks: multiple-choice, essay questions, fill in the blanks.
  • Use your phone to take a photo of the exam or exercise and get instant answers.
  • Take advantage of artificial intelligence to answer any type of question and get precise answers.
  • It's multilingual: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, and all major languages.
  • Confidentiality and security guaranteed in your data.
  • AI-based concept map generator. Convert a PDF or photos into a conceptual map for quick understanding.
  • And best of all, you can try it for free by validating your email.

Artificial Intelligence for Exams: Instant Answers

Welcome to the cutting edge of artificial intelligence for exams. Our industry-leading OCR technology, combined with advanced AI algorithms, allows you to answer exam questions by simply uploading a photo. Whether for university exams, certification tests, or school homework, our platform offers quick and precise solutions.

AI for Answering Questions: Efficiency in Your Education

Artificial intelligence for solving questions is the foundation of our tool. We process images and texts to extract and analyze the content of your exams. Forget long hours of study; with our AI, answers are just a click away.

Security and Confidentiality in AI for Exams

We value your privacy and security. Our commitment is to ensure the protection of your personal information, offering a safe and reliable environment for your academic data.

24/7 Accessibility: Your AI Assistant for Doing Homework with Photos

Our artificial intelligence service for doing homework with photos is available 24/7. Access our tool anytime, anywhere, and transform the way you tackle your academic challenges.

Experience the effectiveness of artificial intelligence for exams. Try it for free today and discover how to simplify your academic life with fast and precise answers!

Solve English tasks or any type with photos

Improve your study method with our AI tool. By uploading photos or PDF documents, our artificial intelligence technology analyzes and converts the information into interactive conceptual maps, making understanding and learning easier.

Advanced Image Processing: Artificial Intelligence for Exams

We use advanced image processing and text recognition techniques to organize the information from your documents. Quickly visualize key ideas and their connections, optimizing your study time.

Prioritizing Security in Artificial Intelligence for Homework

The security and privacy of your data are essential to us. We ensure the protection of your information, carefully handling your documents and photos.

Discover Concepts with AI: Visual and Effective Learning

Accessible at all times, our platform is your ideal tool for studying and understanding materials of any type, whether for academic tasks or personal interest. Explore, learn, and discover with our AI-based concept maps.

Join our community and see how artificial intelligence transforms the way you process and understand information. Start your free trial today and enhance your academic efficiency with our revolutionary platform!